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2024-25 RCC Catalog 
2024-25 RCC Catalog

Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer

About the Program

The Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree is a two-year program designed for students who intend to transfer to an Oregon university. Completion of the degree will satisfy lower division general education requirements and ensures junior standing at a university for registration purposes. Additionally, with careful planning, students may satisfy many of the lower division courses required in their academic majors.

Students should be aware, however, that if they transfer before completing this degree, their courses will be evaluated individually toward the general education requirements of the school of their choice. Students are encouraged to work closely with their academic advisors to maximize the benefits of this degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission has approved certain general education outcomes for courses selected to fulfill AAOT degree requirements. All courses listed meet those identified outcomes. For more information see this catalog.

Entry Requirements

Students are required to complete the Placement Process to determine skill level and readiness in math, reading, and writing. As part of their training program, students must begin with the courses within their skill level as determined through the Placement Process.

Advanced Standing

Coursework from accredited colleges and universities will be accepted in accordance with college policies. Discipline studies-approved coursework in humanities, social science, and science/math/computer science transferred from another Oregon community college will be accepted if students have a declared AAOT major at RCC and received a “C-” or better grade in the course(s). College Now credit will be accepted in accordance with current agreement.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 90 college-level credits with a minimum grade of “C-” or better, including at least one course designated as meeting cultural literacy criteria. Students must also have a 2.0 cumulative GPA at the time the AAOT is awarded.

This guide lays out an optimal path to graduate in two years as you prepare to transfer to a four-year Oregon college or university. Please meet with an advisor for any questions about alternate classes in any given term. When transferring to a four-year Oregon public university, one of the following options must be met as a requirement for admission:

  1. Two years of the same high school-level world language, or
  2. Two terms of college-level world language (may be first-year world language, which can be used as elective credits)

This is for students who have graduated from high school or completed a high school equivalency program in 1997 or after. Additionally, if students intend to complete a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree at a four-year school, they must complete two years of a college level world language regardless of when they graduated from high school or an equivalency program. Students should inquire with their intended receiving institution for world language requirements.

Foundational Skills Requirements

AAOT Writing Skills

Minimum of 8 credits required. Students who took writing classes of 3 credits each must have WR121, WR122 and either WR123 or WR227. Students taking classes of 4 credits each must take WR 121Z  and either WR 122Z  or WR 227Z  

AAOT Oral Communication Courses

A minimum of one course is required.

AAOT Fitness/Health/Physical Education

A minimum of one or more courses, totaling at least 3 credits.

Discipline Studies Requirements

AAOT Humanities Requirement Courses

A minimum of three courses from the following list, chosen from at least two disciplines/prefixes.

AAOT Social Science Requirement Courses

At least four courses from the following list, chosen from at least two disciplines/prefixes.

AAOT Science/Math/Computer Science Courses

Four courses required of which three must be lab sciences from the Lab Science list. The fourth course may be a lab or non-lab science, math or computer science. Note: A maximum of three courses from any one discipline or prefix, and only one of the four courses can be a regional field studies course, indicated by asterisk.

Elective Requirements

Complete sufficient number of college-level (numbered 100 and above) courses to meet total degree requirement of at least 90 credits. It is recommended that electives be from the major area of interest. First-year foreign language courses may be used as elective credits. A maximum of 12 career and technical course credits may be used toward this degree including any career and technical CWE courses.

Minimum Total Program Credits: 90


1 Meets cultural literacy criteria (one course required).

2 MTH 105Z   and STAT 243Z  may not be accepted if students do not complete this degree before transferring to an Oregon university. Students should check with the university about possible additional math required for their degree. STAT 243Q  is available for non-STEM students. Check with your advisor

3 May be taken if not used to fulfill oral communication foundational requirement.

4 May be taken if not used to fulfill mathematics foundational requirement.

For more information, contact the Advising office:

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