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RCC Catalog 2023-2024 
RCC Catalog 2023-2024
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SOC 228 - Environment and Society

4 Credit(s)

Prerequisite(s): BT 113  or WR 115  or designated placement.

Course Description: Examines the relationship between societies and the environment including how cultural, social, economic and political forces have impacted the natural environment. Explores the causes and consequences of topics such as population growth, consumerism, climate change, pollution and environmental racism and classism. A focus will be placed on the study of social movements, cultures and public policies that advance sustainability, including Indigenous cultures.

Course Level: Lower Division Collegiate

Course Learning Outcomes:
  • CLO#1: Identify how political, economic and other social institutions affect the health of the environment and of humans.
  • CLO#2: Discuss the history and development of the ideologies that have led to environmental domination as well as to concern for the environment including Indigenous cultures. (ILO: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Global Consciousness)
  • CLO#3: Identify how environmental issues affect social groups in varying ways, especially focusing on class, race, ethnicity and gender inequalities.
  • CLO#4: Identify which social and cultural contexts have been found to produce sustainable outcomes.

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