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RCC Catalog 2023-2024 
RCC Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Additional Campus Resources

Academic Success Centers


  • Student Success Center, Wiseman Center, Redwood Campus, Grants Pass
  • Student Success Center, Riverside Center, Medford
  • Student Success Center, Building A, Room 127, Table Rock Campus, White City

RCC provides free drop-in tutoring to students registered in credit courses. The primary areas of tutoring are math, writing and science, but professional tutors are prepared to assist students with most subjects. For current schedules, check the website given above.

RCC also has an online tutoring service for all RCC credit students. Visit the tutoring page on the RCC website for more options. 

A technology center (computer lab) is located at each tutoring center. Services include assistance with a variety of subjects and computer access for any RCC student.

Tutoring is offered online also and can be accessed by logging into your RCC myRogue account.

Activities Calendar


College events and activities may be included on the RCC calendar on the college website. Community members may submit event information that would be of interest to RCC students and staff through the online form. Go to the RCC Calendar and select “Submit an Event.” RCC employees add the details of the event and publish to the calendar in their 25Live room reservation. Events may also be viewed on the Rogue Connect campus app and the RCC Facebook page. Allow two to three days for the information to be posted.

Accessible Technology Lab


  • Tutoring Center, Wiseman Building, Redwood Campus (L Building summer term only)
  • Student Success Center, Room 25, Riverside Center
  • Building A Room 189, Table Rock Campus

The Access and Disability Resources Accessible Technology Lab provides computer access and assistive technology for students who experience disability.
Access and Disability Resources also coordinates academic accommodations for eligible students with disabilities. Refer to “Access and Disability Resources” in this catalog.

Art Galleries


Works of visual art from a variety of aesthetic, cultural and social points of view in a variety of media are displayed throughout our campuses, and photographs of RCC’s permanent collection can be accessed online. Exhibits celebrate a range of work by artists of local to national prominence, as well as annual exhibits of student and faculty work.

RCC/SOU Higher Education Center Art Exhibits

101 S. Bartlett St., Medford

Art created by RCC students, faculty and alumni, community artists, and from the RCC collection is on display in the RCC/SOU Higher Education Center. Exhibits are meant to enrich the cultural life of the college at large; the artwork changes on a rotating basis.


Automated teller machines provided by Allpoint are available in the following locations:

  • Redwood Campus, Student Center.
  • Table Rock Campus, Student Entry Commons.

The Allpoint ATM locator may be found at the Allpoint ATM website. Call 800-809-0308 option 2 to access the voice assistance ATM locator.

Problems with an ATM should be reported by calling 800-948-5884.

Auto Repair

S Building, Redwood Campus,

Students in the RCC Automotive program repair cars that are 15 years old or newer when the work is related to their classes. Students and community members may bring their cars in for service. Call for an appointment. Charges are for parts, plus a $25 service fee; there is no charge for labor.

RCC Online Bookstore



Students may purchase texts and required supplies through RCC’s bookstore partner, Ambassador. The online bookstore (www.rogueccbookstore.com), offers 24/7 shopping and convenient home delivery. RCC does not have a walk-in bookstore.

Students gain access to the Online Bookstore using the same username and password as their RCC student email accounts and RCC Blackboard account.

  • Click the “Log In” button
  • Your username is your RCC student email: Enter your RCC student email address (e.g., ossie.Osprey.4567@student.roguecc.edu)
  • Click “Next”
  • Enter your password. If you have never logged into the Online RCC Bookstore, Blackboard or your RCC student email account, then your default password will be the number 0 plus your 7-digit college ID. For example, if your RCC college ID is 123-4567, then your default email password will be: 01234567.
  • Click “Sign in”
  • If asked to “Stay Signed In?” Choose either “Yes” or “No,” it doesn’t matter which.
  • You should now be signed into the bookstore

Don’t know your student email address?

  • Login to your myRogue to find your RCC student email address
  • Once you are logged into your myRogue account your RCC email will be displayed in the center of the screen below your ID number and Name.

Open Educational Resources

To help students afford college, RCC aggressively pursues Open Educational Resources (OERs). OERs are teaching and learning materials that students may use, share, and often adapt, without charge. Most OERs have been created by educators and funded by colleges and universities. Students may access the materials online at no cost or purchase a low-cost print version. Classes using OERs are clearly designated as low- or no-cost in the online schedule of classes.

Are eBooks Or Rentals Available?

Yes! eBooks and rentals are available for some items. Students are encouraged to look for these less expensive options when selecting their texts.


Buyback is available through the Online Bookstore. Buybacks are based on anticipated future national demand for a book and current stock level.


For return of items purchased please visit the Return Policy page on the bookstore website.

Other Questions?

Please see the FAQ page on the bookstore site.

Bulletin Boards and Posting

Third party flyers and other materials wished to be posted on RCC bulletin boards must be stamped with approval from the corresponding office below:

  • Redwood Campus, Welcome Center, 541-956-7187
  • Riverside Center, SSC, Welcome Center 541-956-7353
  • RCC/SOU Higher Education Center, 541-956-7353
  • Table Rock Campus, Building A, Room 127, 541-956-7101

Bus Service


Regularly scheduled bus service in Grants Pass, White City and Medford is available to RCC students with a current student ID and/or a bus pass purchased for the term. Transportation in Josephine County is provided by Josephine Community Transit.  The service picks up and transports students to the Redwood Campus near the library. The Rogue Valley Commuter Line operates between Grants Pass and Medford with transfers available to stops in the Medford, White City and Ashland areas. Call 541-474-5452 ext. 2 for more information.

In Jackson County, Rogue Valley Transportation District provides bus service. The service picks up students at the downtown transit center in Medford and the Table Rock Campus.

Check Cashing

Tuition, books, and supplies may be paid by personal check written for the exact amount.

Community Resources

211 Info

www.211info.org or call 211

The Oregon 211 network provides free health and community-services resource information, including a guide to understanding the Veterans Health Administration, food-support grants, a guide to migrant worker health centers, and more.

Mental Health Emergencies


24-hour crisis line hotline, Jackson County: 541-774-8201

24-hour crisis line hotline, Josephine County: 541-474-5360

Options for Southern Oregon



Options for Southern Oregon serves people of all ages who have mental health needs.

Community Works HelpLine - Jackson County

Community Works HelpLine - Jackson County


HelpLine is a free, 24-hour crisis hotline serving Jackson County. Trained volunteers and staff address domestic violence, sexual assault, panic, depression, loneliness, isolation, suicide, homelessness, and other personal crises. HelpLine also connects people in need to local crisis services including Dunn House Shelter (domestic violence) and Sexual Assault Victim Services (SAVS).

Women’s Crisis Support Team - Josephine County

Women’s Crisis Support Team - Josephine County
24-hour crisis line: 541-479-9349
Business line: 541-476-3877

Women’s Crisis Support Team services are designed to help survivors of abuse, regardless of gender. Free and confidential services include 24-hour crisis line, support groups, court advocacy, information and referrals, children’s advocacy, emergency shelter, emergency transportation, community education and more.

Computer Labs

Student Computer Labs


  • Coates Hall, Redwood Campus
  • Student Success Center, Riverside Campus
  • A Building, Table Rock Campus

Excellent student computer facilities are available for all RCC students. Approximately 700 networked PC workstations are provided for student use. Most are connected to high-quality black and white and color laser printers.

In addition, all computers support access to the internet, email, word processors, spreadsheets, data bases, graphic illustration, and nearly 100 other computer applications. Student data files may be saved on RCC’s network servers. All students must have a valid computer user ID and password to gain access to the computer network and applications.

Computer labs are open about 80 hours per week, Monday through Saturday. All computer labs, with the exception of the library, are staffed by aides who assist students with hardware and software use. There are also several specialized computer labs maintained by individual instructional departments to cater to the specified needs of their students.


Coin-operated copy machines for student use are available.

  • Library, Wiseman Center, Redwood Campus
  • Second floor, Room 218, RCC/SOU Higher Education Center, Riverside Campus

Distance Learning - Rogue Online


RO@roguecc.edu, 541-956-7366

Earn credits toward a degree or brush up on work skills from home or office by taking Rogue Online courses. For many students, distance learning courses are the solution to managing full-time enrollment and full-time life.

Distance learning courses are similar to those held in a classroom. Students have a textbook, assignments and tests, an instructor and classmates. Students do not regularly attend class on campus but should devote at least as much time as they do for campus-based courses.

  • Students register for distance learning courses as they would for other RCC classes.
  • To successfully complete a distance learning course, students need to be self-motivated, practice good time management skills, and have access to proper technology.
  • Some distance learning courses require on-campus testing, labs or meetings.
  • Because many online courses require students to watch streaming video programming, students should have access to a computer connected to the internet (preferably high speed), a web browser, and good technical skills.
  • You may have to download software for proctored exams.
  • Full technical requirements may be found at the RCC Blackboard page.

Getting Started

Orientations are required for all RCC distance learning courses. In the majority of classes, instructors post their orientations online within the class.

For students who are new to online learning or want to refresh their skills, technical orientation videos are posted on the Rogue Online website.

For more information or support, call 541-956-7366.

All online teachers expect students to participate in the class during the first week of the term. Students should check the syllabus to find out what instructors expect. Students not participating during the first week of classes will be subject to the administrative drop policy.

NOTE: RCC’s regular administrative drop policy applies to distance learning courses. For specific information on the steps needed to maintain course enrollment, check your syllabus inside Blackboard.

Early Childhood Education Center - Head Start

Redwood Campus, 541-956-7309

The center was developed through a collaborative effort of RCC, Southern Oregon Head Start, Southern Oregon Educational Service District Early Childhood Services, and the City of Grants Pass.

The Head Start center serves 80 children aged 3-5 years old and their families. RCC parents who have low incomes or have children with special needs are encouraged to apply. The lab school also provides teaching, learning and observation opportunities for RCC Early Childhood and Elementary Education program students, as well as students from other RCC departments and high school students.

Employer Services

Online job-posting services are offered at no cost to community employers. For job postings, see the RCC website or call 541-956-7323.

Food Services

Vending machines or Micro-Markets (MM) are available at the following locations:

Redwood Campus

  • Josephine Building
  • Student Center (The Cafeteria is also located in the Student Center. Monday through Thursday, hours vary.)
  • Wiseman Building (MM)
  • Y Building

Riverside Campus

  • RCC/SOU Higher Education Center
  • Student Success Center

Table Rock Campus

  • A building
    • West entrance, near room A-155
    • East Commons (MM)
  • B Building
    • High Technology Center
  • C Building
    • Health Professions Center (MM)

Micro-Markets (MM) offer an assortment of lunch, breakfast, beverages, and snack items. Micro-Markets and vending machines are all available during regular business hours.

Ossie’s Cupboard


  • Redwood Campus - Student Center, Room 8
  • Table Rock Campus - A Building, Room 170

Ossie’s Cupboard is a free food pantry and hygiene service at Redwood (Grants Pass) and Table Rock Campuses (White City). Ossie’s Cupboard partners with the Oregon Food Bank, the RCC Foundation, and community partners to provide healthy food and hygiene products to all students and staff at RCC. The team at Ossie’s Cupboard realize that people struggle with food insecurities. Our goal is to provide access to nutritional foods and hygiene at no cost.  Check out the online ordering form for easy access to food and hygiene.

Health Services

Healthcare is not provided at the college. First aid kits are available in administrative offices. Dial 911 for emergencies.

RCC does not offer accident and illness insurance plans for students. Click the link to find information on the Oregon Insurance Marketplace.

Instructional Media Services and IP Video Network


  • Coates Hall, room 12, Redwood Campus
  • Higher Education Center, room HEC-114, Riverside Campus
  • Building A, room 130, Table Rock Campus

Instructional Media Services provides equipment and media services for faculty and students. In most classrooms at RCC there is a full range of equipment installed including projector, computer, document camera, and DVD or VHS player, all within a fully programmable touch panel system. Everything is available for staff and student use for presentations and projects.

Internet Protocol (IP) video network services are also provided. They include interactive video and audio connectivity available on all RCC campuses. Through this system, classes are shared between RCC locations, meetings are conducted without participants having to drive, and connections are made to other community colleges and government agencies throughout Oregon. Web conferencing is available using the software system Zoom. This service allows participation in live classes or meetings from a computer equipped with a microphone, web cam and headphones.

International Education

International education at Rogue Community College prepares students to become globally literate and to possess cross-cultural skills necessary to function effectively in an interdependent world. To further this purpose, RCC offers instruction in world languages, international studies, and cross-cultural communication.

Learning Centers


  • Illinois Valley Learning Center, Kerby
  • Redwood Campus Learning Center, M Building, Grants Pass
  • Table Rock Campus Learning Center, A Building, room 127, White City

General Education Development (GED®), English as a Second Language (ESL) / English Language Acquisition (ELA), and basic skills/skills brush up are offered at RCC Adult Basic Skills (ABS) learning centers or online.

Students must attend an Adult Basic Skills orientation to be enrolled. Contact one of the above learning centers for orientation information.

Library Services


  • Redwood Campus, Wiseman Center, 541-956-7152
  • Riverside Center, B Building, adjacent to the Student Success Center
  • Table Rock Campus, A Building, room 103

NOTE: RCC Libraries are closed during breaks between terms. Check the library website for normal hours of operation.

The RCC Library serves the college with comprehensive library services. Students may request books and other material online through the library catalog, which can be delivered to any RCC campus for pickup. The RCC Library provides database access to thousands of online journals and e-books.

Every RCC Library branch has computers available for student, staff and faculty use. Computers access the internet, email, Microsoft Office Suite applications and online learning portals. Printing is available.

Reserve Rooms provide short-term checkout of textbooks, laptops and other material including anatomical models and cameras. Graphing calculator and bicycle locker rentals (RWC and RVC only) are available.

Books, journal articles, and other materials not found in the library catalog may be borrowed from other libraries around the country using an interlibrary loan service.

Information services include drop-in reference assistance, ready reference by phone and email, and in-depth research consultation. Reference librarians instruct classes in research methods and technology, conduct library orientation tours, and collaborate with faculty in designing research assignments.

Lockers and Showers

For students enrolled in physical education classes, lockers and showers are available in the Redwood Campus Gym in Grants Pass. Students must supply their own locks, towels and personal items.

Lockers and showers also are available at the RCC/SOU Higher Education Center in Medford. Lockers are available for day-use only, and students must provide their own locks and personal supplies.

Lactation Rooms

Lactation rooms are dedicated spaces where students and staff can care for infants comfortably and privately express breast milk while at RCC, and are available at these locations:

  • Riverside Campus, Higher Education Center, Room 316.
  • Redwood Campus, Student Center
  • Table Rock Campus, A Building, room 179.

The rooms are accessible any time the buildings are open. For more information, contact Facilities and Operations at 541-956-7333 or the counseling office at 541-956-7443


See the RCC maps identifying available parking areas on or near all campuses. Parking in undesignated or restricted areas may result in fines and/or towing.

  • Redwood Campus: Parking is free in designated lots.
  • Riverside Campus: All parking adjacent to the campus is provided by the City of Medford and monitored by Diamond Parking Services. Call 541-774-2082 for parking cost and permit information.
  • Table Rock Campus Buildings A, B, and C: Parking is free in designated lots.


Public restrooms are available at these sites when the buildings are open for classes:

  • Redwood Campus: The Student Center/Cafeteria; Coates Hall; D, E, F, H, K, L, T and U (Gym) Buildings; and the Josephine, Rogue, Welcome Center, and Wiseman Buildings. All-Gender ADA restrooms are located in the Student Center/Cafeteria; E, H, K, L, S, and T Buildings; and the Josephine and Wiseman Buildings.
  • Riverside Center: Student Success Center and the RCC/SOU Higher Education Center (HEC). All-Gender ADA restrooms are located in the Student Success Center and the HEC.
  • Table Rock Campus: First and second floors. All-Gender ADA restrooms are available near the EMT area and at the NE entry.



To contact RCC Security for any location, call 541-218-2930.

Rogue Community College has contracted security officers on site at the Redwood Campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. RWC relies on the City of Grants Pass Police Department for law enforcement and on the City of Grants Pass Fire Department for fire safety services.

The Riverside Campus has security officers on site from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. RVC relies on the City of Medford Police Department for law enforcement services, and the City of Medford Fire Department for fire safety services.

The Table Rock Campus has security officers on site 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays. TRC relies on the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department for law enforcement services and Fire District 3 for fire safety services.

Reporting Crime

After contacting 911, or local law enforcement, Campus Security should be notified of all criminal activity, accident, injuries and emergency situations on campus. Reporting can be accomplished by the following means:

  • Campus Security at the Redwood Campus may be reached 24 hours per day 7 days per week via cell phone at 541-218-2930.
  • Campus Security at the Riverside Campus may be reached between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. Monday - Friday and from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. on Saturday via cell phone at 541- 218-2931.
  • Campus Security at the Table Rock Campus may be reached between 7 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. Monday - Friday and between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Saturday via cell phone at 541-218-3639.
  • Accident and Injury reports can be filed online here.
  • Crime reports and incident reports submitted to Campus Security are covered under state law and are subject to public record requirements.

Vehicle Emergencies

Students may call Campus Security if they have a dead battery. Staff will assist if possible.

State Government

Oregon elections are held in May and November. Click the link for a list of state elected officials.

Student Centers and Lounges

On the Redwood Campus, the Student Center is open during normal college hours. Student government offices and a cafeteria are located in the center, as are vending machines, rest rooms, and study space.

At the Riverside Center, B Building the Student Success Center is open during normal college hours and is home to the Athletics office and TRIO SSS fulltime. A welcome center is also available to connect students to services they need and to schedule appointments to meet with advisors, counselors, and all other Student Affairs departments.

On the Table Rock Campus, the East Commons has an open space with tables, and a Micro-Market.

Student Employment Services


On-campus student employment is available to students enrolled in six or more credits and maintaining a minimum of 2.0 GPA. (Minimum GPA may be higher for some positions.) For job listings please visit the RCC student job listings.

Click the link for off-campus community positions.

Student Housing

Rogue Community College does not provide student housing. Listings for private housing may be posted on RCC bulletin boards (with approval, contact 541-956-7187), or students may contact a local property management service.

Substance Abuse Referrals

Rogue Community College is a drug-free institution on all campuses. Possession of or being under the influence of controlled substances could lead to sanctions from RCC. Students who would like information regarding alcohol or drug treatment agencies are urged to contact Counseling for assistance and referrals.

Testing Centers


  • Library, Room 5, Redwood Campus, 541-956-7100, option 1
  • Student Success Center, Room11, Riverside Campus, 541-956-7100, option 2
  • Building A, Room127, Table Rock Campus, 541-956-7100, option 3

The RCC Testing Centers provide monitored supplemental testing services for RCC credit courses (makeup, retake, accommodated) and online courses. In addition, the centers offer testing services for non-RCC exams (other institutions and agencies) for a fee of $30 per exam. Photo ID is required for all exams. See website for details. 

Vending Machines

Vending machines or Micro-Markets (MM) are available at the following locations:

Redwood Campus

  • Josephine Building
  • Student Center
  • Student Success Center (MM)
  • Y Building

Riverside Campus

  • Student Success Center
  • RCC/SOU Higher Education Center

Table Rock Campus

  • A building
    • West entrance, near room A-155
    • East Commons (MM)
  • B Building
    • High Technology Center
  • C Building
    • Health Professions Center (MM)

Micro-Markets (MM) offer an assortment of lunch, breakfast, beverages, and snack items. Micro-Markets and vending machines are all available during regular business hours.

Walking and Jogging Trail

The Chuck Ruckman Memorial trail is a 1.6-mile walking and jogging trail on Redwood Campus dedicated to a former RCC Forestry instructor who died in a plane crash in 1985.  The trail begins at the Josephine Building parking lot and ends at the Rogue Building parking lot. In between, it crosses College Avenue, then splits into upper and lower portions as it winds through the forested southwest area of Redwood Campus. A prominent feature along the trail near the Josephine Building is a 24-foot-tall totem pole that was carved in 1990 by chainsaw artist Don Colp.