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RCC Catalog 2023-2024 
RCC Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BT 113 - Business English I

4 Credit(s)

Prerequisite(s): RD 90  and WR 90 , or WR 91  (WR 91  substitutes for both RD 90  and WR 90 ), or designated placement.

Course Description: Business English I provides students with a thorough foundation in the fundamentals of business writing by focusing on grammar basics, mechanical skills in writing, sentence structure, proofreading and editing skills, and vocabulary development. The course surveys the conventions of standard written English and develops students’ confidence in their ability to write effectively at the college level.

Course Level: Career/Tech Preparatory

Course Learning Outcomes:
  • CLO#1: Demonstrate proficiency in identifying and correctly using the eight parts of speech in business writing.
  • CLO#2: Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to correctly use rules governing standard written English language.
  • CLO#3: Evaluate and make decisions when composing, proofreading, and editing business documents and/or communications.
  • CLO#4: Create and organize audience-appropriate written business communication using proper writing mechanics. (ILO: Communication)

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