Feb 26, 2024  
RCC Catalog 2023-2024 
RCC Catalog 2023-2024
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GS 107L - Physical Science: Astronomy Lab

1 Credit(s)

Prerequisite(s): GS 104  and GS 104L  or MTH 111Z  or MTH 112Z  or MTH 251  

Corequisite(s): GS 107  

Course Description: Discusses topics of astronomy including comets, moons, planets, stars, the sun, star galaxies, black holes, pulsars, and quasars. Students must enroll in lecture and laboratory sections.

Course Level: Lower Division Collegiate

Course Learning Outcomes:
  • CLO#1: Calculate the speed a star is moving away from us using hydrogen spectral lines. (ILO: Quantitative Literacy and Reasoning)
  • CLO#2: Classify types of exoplanets using data from various space agencies (e.g., NASA, ESA).
  • CLO#3: Compare wavelength range and sensitivity of current major telescopes.

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