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RCC Catalog 2023-2024 
RCC Catalog 2023-2024
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AH 105 - Communication and Professional Behavior

3 Credit(s)

Prerequisite(s): RD 90  and WR 90  or designated placement (WR 91  substitutes for both RD 90  and WR 90 ).

Course Description: Prepares students for practicum experiences and employment in the healthcare industry by understanding multicultural therapeutic communication and culturally competent communication and behavior. In addition, students will learn professional communication skills (oral and written), workplace ethics, and professional behavior.

Course Level: Career/Tech Preparatory

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • CLO#1: Compare and contrast therapeutic and nontherapeutic communication.
  • CLO#2: Identify barriers to multicultural therapeutic communication.
  • CLO#3: Identify personal goals to improving culturally competent communication and behavioral skills. (ILO: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Global Consciousness)
  • CLO#4: Analyze conflict in the workplace and provide solutions for resolution.
  • CLO#5: Perform motivational interviewing techniques and describe patient goal setting.

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